Who We Are


RJL is a firm of financial advisers which provides independent financial advice to individuals. Established in 1972, we provide holistic financial planning advice on investments, savings, retirement planning and non-investment insurance (for example life assurance and critical illness cover). At RJL we pride ourselves on our personal and thoughtful service delivered to you in our offices.  It is because of this belief that we provide a comprehensive review and monitoring service designed to create real value for our clients.


Truly independent

We are able to offer access to some of the world's leading fund managers. Utilising our distribution power, RJL can bring institutional money management to individual clients, usually this being available only to the larger investor, thus by-passing the traditional expensive private client fund management market. In this way, we can bridge the gap between the mass produced, often untailored, financial advisory services and the highly tailored private bank.


Personal attention and advice

At RJL we believe investment is a service, not a product. Each investor has different requirements and needs, so we want to ensure that we fulfil all those investment needs through close personal service. We are entering into a long term relationship together, not a typical “transactional” model. We have carefully designed 10 "core" Investment Portfolios, aligned to risk and return, which are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure continued performance and focused on individual needs.