Investment & Portfolio Management

We can offer a model portfolio service for all clients at RJL. We have a range of model portfolios which are numbered 1 to 10, with increasing risk/reward characteristics as you move up the risk scale. Portfolio 1 is our lowest risk portfolio, with Portfolio 10 our highest. 

As part of our portfolio service all clients go through a full risk assessment and risk discussion with their consultant which determines the risk score they are assigned. The consultant will then decide whether or not one of our models is suitable based on the clients risk score. Model portfolios are essentially asset allocation strategies that are designed to meet with various objectives (e.g income or growth) and are risk-graded.

These models are constructed and reviewed by the RJL Investment Committee, who meet monthly to discuss the models, fund choice, market and economic factors and decide the structure of the models going forward. We can also construct bespoke portfolios. The committee members are:

At RJL we believe that it is important to give our clients informed choice and we are delighted that we are now able to offer many of our clients access to a variety of online Fund Supermarkets and IT Platforms.

We firmly believe that the IT Platform/Wrap offering is the way forward for the 21st century investor and their adviser. Whatever the client’s choice, each IT Platform/Wrap offers the following benefits:-

  • The ability to invest in funds from more than one provider
  • Receive one consolidated valuation statement regularly
  • The facility to benefit from a diversified portfolio tailored to current investment objectives
  • The facility to manage investments using model portfolios
  • The facility to top up and withdraw without charge or penalty
  • The facility to draw income regularly or ad hoc as needed

  • Access to funds at a discount
  • Regular reporting to clients
  • Ability to view the portfolio online and get a valuation at any time
  • Ability to add to portfolios and switch between funds easily and cost effectively
  • One point of contact for all investment queries


RJL Investment Management - Our Commitment to You