Our Services


Investment Planning

RJL can offer independent advice and planning with regards to your investments, whether that be setting up regular savings to help save towards a specific goal, investing an inherited lump sum in the most tax efficient way, or simply reviewing and monitoring your existing investments and their performance. We also run model investment portfolios, to find out more about these, read below.


Model Investment Portfolios

Model portfolios are essentially asset allocation strategies that are designed to meet with various objectives (e.g income or growth) and are risk-graded. We have a range of model portfolios which are numbered 1 to 10, with increasing risk/reward characteristics as you move up the risk scale. Portfolio 1 is our lowest risk portfolio, with Portfolio 10 our highest.  These models are constructed and reviewed by the RJL Investment Committee. We can also construct bespoke portfolios if suitable. To find out more about Model Portfolios and Investment Management, click here.


Pensions & Retirement Planning

RJL can help with all stages of retirement planning. For example, early in a person's working life, retirement planning is about setting aside enough money for retirement. During the middle of an individual's career, the focus will be setting specific income targets and taking the steps to achieve them. In the years leading up to retirement, financial assets are more or less determined, and so the emphasis changes to the different retirement options available. The options just before retirement can be daunting, so give RJL a call today and let us take the retirement planning stress away.


Personal Protection

It is a sad fact that while most of us are quite happy to insure our car, our house, our travel arrangements – and even our mobile phones – to their full value, few of us take quite as much care over our own health and that of our loved ones. RJL can assist you in setting up life assurance, whole of life assurance, income protection and critical illness cover. Call us today on 01603 499 599 to speak with an adviser. We can arrange free, no obligation protection quotations.


Tax & Trust Planning

This can be a very complex area, and one the certainly should not be overlooked. RJL can review your existing arrangements and advise on their current and potential future tax efficiency. This could be something as simple as utilising your full ISA allowance each year. The use of trusts is another complex area however they can often be vital in financial planning. To speak to an adviser today call 01603 499 599. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice. 


That Little Bit Extra

Just in case the above wasn't enough, there's plenty more that we at RJL offer as part of our service. This includes access to the RJL Personal Finance Portal, a system that allows platform and wrap clients to log in via our website and value their investment portfolio daily. We issue monthly client emails giving our views on the current economic climate. Other features as well such as online calculators, newsletters, and client tv again are all available to RJL clients.